A couple days ago, I started looking for jokes online. As I read them I noticed how much I changed my own energy vibration into a more positive state. Not that I was feeling bad or negative at that time, but the jokes lifted the feel good barometer to a higher level. When I started telling them to other people they also shared the joy with me. All in all I created a more fun day.

My belief is that we are here on this planet to collect experiences and grow from those. Another even more important aspect is to have fun. To feel good. To see the magic in life and beauty in this world. If you are in that state you can easily share the positive energy (or love) with others. It doesn’t matter if it’s to another person or helping people in need or both. You can’t really feel bad and share love with other beings at the same time. That doesn’t work.

How can you feel good? Unfortunately, a very large number of people in this world grow up with this belief that the objects outside of yourself will make you happy. What outside things? Shall I list them? The new car, the new house, the new job, the face lift, the winning multi-million dollar lottery ticket, fame and even things like competition (I want to be better than X) and I could continue this list to break the scroll wheel on your mouse.

Why not you may ask? Everyone else seems to do that. Does it make it right if everyone else does it? I don’t think so. Here is a quote which I love and it applies to so many aspects in life:

That a million smart people say “yes” is not a good reason for you to say
“yes” if you do not have the experience and understanding to support it.
Determining truth is not a democratic process ruled by the majority.

The problem is, if you have never had the experience where you had some of those or all of those items, it will make it hard for you to understand that the material items will not bring you the true happiness we all are looking for. Some people will get the message and others will continue to look for the next even bigger thing than the last for the rest of their lives. I could share with you my own personal experiences and knowledge, but I’m trying to get to the point quickly without writing a novel.

If you are able to experience that you alone, have incredible mighty power inside yourself to make you feel good without needing anything from the outside world, then you would start seeing the material things in a different light. They would loose their importance. I like to see them as prop sets in the game we are playing here. Then your eyes will open wide and you will find joy in even the smallest things. You will start to see the true magic of this reality. A good way to put it would be take out the seriousness in life and start having fun. It’s never too late. We have some pessimistic people here? Why should I? We all are going to die? Change your belief! I won’t argue: Yes your body will die (like taking clothes off at the end of day before going to bed), but the little YOU inside of you will continue for an eternity. You may even come back for a few more rounds in this beautiful world. Proof? It’s out there, but you have to discover it for yourself. It’s part of your growing up process. Come on and if it all matters who doesn’t enjoy having a good time?

How do I do it? You have to do it yourself. There is really not a pill or something you can buy which will do that. You have to learn that you actually can make yourself feel good. If you do it often enough, you will start shifting your beliefs and see your own power. If more people recognize this power in themselves, our world will change to a more peaceful environment. There is also a creation power you will gain by being in a feel good state, but those details I have to explain in some other blog entry.

Therefore start by reading jokes. It’s really easy and if you laugh and stay in that mood, you will start seeing a change in the way you look at things. I personally like the dirty and nasty jokes. Here are a few links to sites which have a bunch of them:

Be warned, if you are easily offended then don’t click on those links. Don’t show them to your kids and if you do, I won’t take the blame if they turn into uncontrollable monsters. :-)

Happy reading and laughing!


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