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Look into the FutureIsn’t it amazing how many people want to know their future? So many people want to know: Will I be successful with this idea? Will I find my soul mate? Will I find ever lasting love? Will I …. you fill in the blanks. It seems like we humans have such a huge desire to be able to look successfully into the future.

Some people are able to tell vague outlines of a possible future and it may become true to a certain extent or based on the interpretation of the words. But no one is able to predict your future like a movie. No one can say on day X you will do this. On day Y you will win the lottery etc.

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omwp1hbvWhat? I should thank my spirit guide? What is that? I don’t have one. Ok Ok. Don’t get all worked up now, because I asked you something to do which you don’t believe exists. Or maybe you are the person who has already met their spirit guide and has no problem at all with what I’m asking you to do. It doesn’t matter what background you come from.

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Mystical ScenerySo what is this blog about? The only purpose of this blog is to make you think Happy Thoughts. Why? Because if you do, no challenge or anything in your life will bring you down. After all everyone of us should just have fun with their life right now. I doubt anyone who is having negative thoughts really enjoys them. So if you came here because you are feeling down or you want to continue riding on the Happy Thoughts wave, then you came to the right place.

I want to publish a post every week which will either be a little exercise for you to train your mind to think positive or just something which will invoke a wonderful feeling which in turn will make your mind continue producing beautiful thoughts.

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