First of all, I’d like to express my deepest gratitude to two people, as without their help this discovery would not have been possible. One was the recommendation of watching a documentary which made me aware again of a question I had in the back of my mind. The other person a dear friend of mine only said the words, “Yin Yang.” and that resulted in everything becoming clear in my mind in an instant. I had no idea that the answer would combine so many other pieces of knowledge and produce a much bigger truth for me. Thank you again for your help! We all are working together. All of this didn’t happen overnight. It takes time. You get a little bit of information here and there, then you go on with your life. I wish I could share those personal experiences with you, but experiences can’t be shared. That’s why each of us has to do the discovery of their own inner self by themselves. Other people can help, but they can’t do it for you.

Now the hard part comes where I have to put the very clear picture of what’s in my mind into words. My mind has always been able to figure out a solution to a problem with only little bits of information. Part of it, I suspect, comes from my work where I have to solve problems without having a clear idea of what’s really going on. Maybe that’s why I’m good for the discovery of the larger reality and then trying to make this knowledge available to others. Something inside of me is always thriving to know how things work. I don’t care how daunting the task seems in the beginning. You never ever stop learning. The learning makes you grow. Never believe you have all the knowledge there is. That’s a big mistake. Remember when you were a teenager and thought you knew everything? It’s fun to grow, gaining new knowledge, solving challenges you thought you couldn’t, having new experiences for the first time in your life, feeling new emotions you never felt before.

Before we start let’s also define the term Universe: All there is, you, me, this physical Universe, non-physical worlds, parallel realities and concepts which are beyond our comprehension. Please do not make the mistake of thinking it’s another word for an anthropomorphic god.

But let’s start with the question I wanted to answer for myself:

Is it okay to eat meat or should I become a vegetarian?

I started by looking at nature. Nature often shows us the best way to do things. For example, my horse is barefoot (without horse shoes). Why? It’s healthier. Have you ever seen wild horses with horse shoes? Who ever thought of feeding cows corn when their natural diet is grass? We, as homo sapiens, are omnivores (eating both meat and plant). By nature’s definition this means we are supposed to have meat and plants in our diet. But that answer is not good enough for me. I don’t feel right when I see the treatment of animals in order to mass produce meat. I figured, let’s try to expand on that and look at the larger reality. If you understand the love of the Universe, you know it loves everything, everything is equal, nothing is superior. A concept we humans often do not understand. This means if you kill a plant, it’s the same as killing an animal. Because the plant doesn’t emit a scream of pain or moves around, it seems like the plant is less worthy. But that’s not true equality as defined by the Universe. If we take this knowledge to heart, then it means we couldn’t eat anything. This ultimately means we wouldn’t stay around for a long time in the physical matter reality. However, there is another law of the Universe which says: Everything has its purpose. The plant, the animal, you, me, the rock and so on all have their purpose. In an ideal world they all exist in exact balance with each other.

This leads us to conclude that the Universe says it’s okay to eat meat as well as plants, but keep it in balance. Eating only meat the whole week long or only plants is not balance. Now we have to bring something else in and that is the food you are eating should be balanced as well. I thought about that and looked at the energy level of things. The cow, the chicken or the pig which is confined in a small, tight space and not treated in a respectful way is not having a joyous life. The same principle applies to plants as well. Don’t forget that. Life is meant to be full of joy and harmony. The unhealthy and unkind treatment of animals or plants results in storage of negative energy in their bodies. Once you consume this type of food, I don’t see any reason why this energy should not affect you. Everything is really linked. If we go to a higher level, we can see the results of eating the negative energy with the obesity problem. Most likely, if more people would eat plants which are treated in the same negative way as the animals, a health issue would arise (we have seen this with tainted spinach).
On the other hand, if you consume food which has been treated in a way so that the object you are ingesting had a joyous life and ultimately stored positive energy, you will taste the difference and remain in balance with the whole. I think this answers the original question. The belief that a plant is less worthy than an animal we may learn in early childhood. Belief systems of which we are not even aware are the hardest ones to throw out. I must admit myself, it’s very hard to see plant and animal at the same level.

But there is even more knowledge available further up the ladder. That is balance. What you have to manage to master in life is to maintain a balance. Imagine it like a scale. The scale can be tipped to one side or the other, but the ideal position is right in the middle. If you are able to achieve that, you are in full, harmonious alignment with the energy of the Universe. You will feel inner happiness. Let’s explore this concept with the body and soul. You should try to maintain balance between the two. If you take in excessive amounts of drugs/alcohol for example, you tip the balance of the scale to the body side. You are out of alignment with the energy flow of the Universe and you will experience that. On the other hand, if you completely distance yourself from the body and are no longer taking part in the physical life in your body (trying to gain higher knowledge and spiritual explorations are totally fine) you start to appear “crazy” to the rest of the world and you are not really doing what you should be and that is experiencing life in a physical matter reality.

Let’s explore the concept of balance more in the two opposing forces of sex and abstinence. If the only thing on your mind is sex and/or keeping a score card of how many different partners you can have, you will hopefully realize at some point that this doesn’t lead to the happiness we are all looking for. Nothing restricts you from having those experiences, that’s why you are here. You either realize it is not quite what you want and bring yourself back down to the middle of the scale or you don’t. That’s up to you. If you don’t, however, you will most likely choose your next life to be of Catholic priesthood because you haven’t experienced abstinence. If, on the other hand, you can find the middle ground between sex and abstinence, you achieve balance and alignment with the Universe. Please don’t see this as a sort of Judgment Day. It’s not anything like that. No one judges you regardless of what you choose to experience. It’s you who will either feel the pain or the happiness with whatever you choose to experience. Isn’t that how you learn best? Can’t you see how much fun it is to do something you have never done in your life before? That is having a new experience. You had no idea how it felt before. As I said before, experiences are entirely personal and they can’t be shared even if two people experience the same event.

There are many more examples. Find the two opposing forces of a subject and try to see if you can figure out how you can apply balance to that. Also, some people get so stuck with the scale tipped out of balance that they don’t even realize it’s out of balance. They actually think it’s normal to feel the way they feel. Getting them back into balance is like throwing them into a pool of cold water. They will be back to their old habits in no time. It takes willpower, hard work, and removal of the fear of the unknown. Many people worry about change because they don’t know how things look on the other side of the river. If you are afraid of change, how could you ever have new experiences which ultimately make you grow?

The more advanced your soul is, the less you will do actions which hurt others. Why? Because you know for example if you kill someone, you will want to experience being the victim in some other lifetime. Younger souls unfortunately don’t understand the concept of every action causes a reaction. If you are balanced this can’t happen as you are in direct alignment with the energy flow of the Universe. All you want to do is simply share the love you experience from this universal energy with others. Think how far can you tip the scale if it’s position is in the middle? Now imagine it 50% to the left where will it tip to when you let it go? We all can agree that the scale won’t magically stop in the middle. It will tip to the right.

Now that we have balance defined, let’s pull in the Emerald Tablet. “What is above is below. What is below is above”. There is us (body & soul) and above is our earth. The same concept applies to our planet. It needs to be balanced. If the balance is upset, things go haywire. Look at the various issues we are facing today like global warming. Also look at the mass production of meat and the various human illnesses and other issues it has caused. The manure of the animals is thought to be a contributor to global warming. See dead zones in the oceans which no longer support marine life due to fertilizer run-off. We upset the fine balance which our world had for a long time. Now it’s our job to try to balance it out again. Notice how all the little pieces of knowledge fit together and tell us a larger truth?

One last piece of knowledge which fits into this theory is the statement: “Embrace the beauty of the contrast”. I received this statement in a strange way, but it’s only strange if you only know the little picture of reality. If you understand a little bit of the concept of quantum mechanics, then there is nothing strange about it. I had discussions about this statement for two days as it really has a huge meaning if you understand it. I probably could fill a book with that, but let’s keep it short. It means all the various opposing forces which exist in our world are there for one single purpose and that is to allow us to find balance. The contrast makes experiences in life possible and ultimately leads us to learn our lessons. Therefore the Universe loves each of those opposing forces equally. Universe loves Hate = loves Love, loves Evil = loves Good, loves Poor = loves Rich. You can take it as far as the Universe loves the murderer as equally as the victim. I must admit that’s a concept of love I can logically wrap my mind around, but I can’t fully understand it in the human body and I’m not sure if I ever could. Most likely if I did, I wouldn’t be here and typing this blog. You can also ask yourself the question: Would you know what love is, if there was no hate?

Yin YangIf you research Yin and Yang, it pretty much says the same thing with balance. What I find quite amazing is that by simply trying to find an answer for what we should eat, I came full circle back to Yin and Yang. I have heard about it, but I never researched the meaning of this ancient knowledge. The interesting thing which strikes me is the Taijitu symbol (to the left). I’ve read somewhere that we actually have many soul mates, but only one twin soul. The bond between the twin soul is so strong that they often do things in similar ways or have somewhat identical experiences. They can often feel/sense if the other is in turmoil. Nothing can ever break this bond. The point is as you can see in the symbol they are different, but also contain parts of the other by the little dots. But together they are whole or one again. Some people say these are male and female parts. The problem with those words is most people will associate that with a male and female person in the physical world. Words are our signs and energy doesn’t really communicate with words. Probably a better term would be these are two opposing poles. A negative and a positive pole. That should get us away from thinking they are male and female. I’m pretty sure that’s what most people are after if they say they want to find The One. This balance concept would support the notion that such a One actually exists. It would also make sense as we seem to have this duality everywhere. Most likely, before those twins can become fully One again, they would need to balance out their own parts first. The little dot is like a seed they have from the other and has to grow within themselves to be balanced again. This will be done over many physical lifetimes which advance the soul. All of this is only speculation, as I personally don’t have any experiences which support this idea, but it fits in this whole theory and I thought I’d mention it.

Please don’t simply go ahead and start believing what I say. That’s where man-made religion got us in trouble in the first place. You should always remain open-minded, but at the same time skeptical. If these concepts don’t make any sense to you or you can’t validate them with your own life experiences, then don’t believe them. I usually try to see if new material somehow fits into my personal life. If not, I’ll keep it in the back of my head. I sometimes get asked how I get this information. My answer is: Simply ask the questions. All the answers are within you. I also don’t like to call myself enlightened as it gives off the vibe that I’m better than others. That’s not the case because I’m no better than a single grain of sand on the beach. Doesn’t the human ego tell you that you are the superior race? It hurts the ego, if you say what I just said. But I believe that’s true equality.

In the meantime go and enjoy the magic of life. All of this should help you to get more joy and happiness out of your life. If you manage to get yourself fully aligned with the energy flow of the Universe, then that magic will come into your life and you will never have felt better.


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