Look into the FutureIsn’t it amazing how many people want to know their future? So many people want to know: Will I be successful with this idea? Will I find my soul mate? Will I find ever lasting love? Will I …. you fill in the blanks. It seems like we humans have such a huge desire to be able to look successfully into the future.

Some people are able to tell vague outlines of a possible future and it may become true to a certain extent or based on the interpretation of the words. But no one is able to predict your future like a movie. No one can say on day X you will do this. On day Y you will win the lottery etc.

Why not? Why can’t we know the future?

You say: It would make things so much easier. I wouldn’t make any mistakes anymore. I would do just what’s best for me.

Sorry my friend I’m going to bring you back down from this fantasy and tell you why it seems like a good idea, but you always need to hear both sides of the story.

I’m pretty sure everyone is able to imagine the following: Imagine you just bought a brand-new movie which you have never seen before or it may have arrived in your mail from your Netflix queue etc. You are all excited about watching this movie. You pop-in the disc in your player and there you go. You watch the movie. Isn’t it fun? You don’t know the whole story yet as it unfolds more and more. You start caring for the characters etc. At the end of the movie you say: Wow this was a good movie.

Now pop-in the disc again and watch the same movie again. The next day or even right after you finished viewing the movie  for the first time, because you really thought it was a good movie. Now be honest with yourself. Really honest! You know you liked the movie, but in reality you are not really experiencing the movie exactly the same way as you did when you watched the picture for the very first time. Why? Because you already know how it will unfold, what happens next etc.

Well it’s not hard to figure out now where I’m going with that. Apply this knowledge to your life. Don’t you see that it would be the same way? The fun is the unknown! It’s about the experience! You are supposed to grow and learn. How can you learn and grow if you already know what’s going to happen on this and that day? I tell you what: Life would be boring.

Please take this knowledge to your heart and just enjoy your life right now as it is and be happy about the unknown what might happen next, because that’s what makes life so fun. Not knowing what’s next so you can fully experience and enjoy life.


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