omwp1hbvWhat? I should thank my spirit guide? What is that? I don’t have one. Ok Ok. Don’t get all worked up now, because I asked you something to do which you don’t believe exists. Or maybe you are the person who has already met their spirit guide and has no problem at all with what I’m asking you to do. It doesn’t matter what background you come from.

If the term spirit guide doesn’t fit into your believe system, because of the religion or whatever you follow, then use whatever word which gives you a fuzzy comfy feeling. Some people might prefer to use the word angel. I however, will continue to use Spirit Guide, because I feel more comfortable with that.

For those who do not believe they have one, let’s just assume for the next 10 minutes that you do have one.

Why should I thank my Spirit Guide?

I specifically picked to thank your spirit guide, because everyone can really do that. There are some people in the world who are completely isolated from any social human contact and if I asked them to “Thank a friend, loved one etc”, they would have a much harder time. Everyone can really “imagine” that there is an entity out there who tries to give you the best life experience you can imagine.

But my life is so difficult!

So, because you think your life is so difficult, you now want to put the blame on someone else? And if you ran out of people to blame you are now trying to blame your spirit guide for not giving you the magical life you want? Please forget all of this for a few minutes now.

After reading the next paragraph I want you to close your eyes and simply redo that paragraph in your mind again. Close your eyes and imagine a being in whatever form and image you want and say:

Thank you Spirit Guide for being always with me and watching out for me and not getting frustrated with all the stupid mistakes I make in my life. I may not say “Thank you” enough, but I appreciate everything you do for me so that I will get the best out of my life.

Say this a few times and if you can I would recommend to say it a few times during the day and least for a week. And I guarantee you that the longer you practice this, you will start getting other thoughts and feelings which are in harmony with the statement above. Most people only need to say it once and they immediately start getting more positive thoughts.

This exercise will help in being more grateful. But more on that next week.


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